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Syed Reza
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Hooray for Auto-Jump

If you spend a lot of time at your terminal, navigating between your various projects then you will absolutely love AutoJump. This project will save you many precious keystrokes.

A friend introduced it to me, and hopefully this post introduces it to you. There is no need to read any more of this post. Follow the link above and install it.

Ok, fine I'll say something about it. Imagine that every time you cd somewhere, something keeps track of where you changed your directory to. That location is added to a database of paths weighted by frequency. And so the next time you need to change your directory to that location you can simply type j followed by some fuzzy search string.

That's right! You can change directories between project foo and project bar by typing j foo or j bar (respectively).

So no more having to do something like cd works/companyx/name-of-project

The change from a pre-AutoJump life to a post post-AutoJump life is drastic. It is the difference between talking to a stranger and talking to an old friend. If you're out with a stranger and need to pick a place to eat, you might have to describe your suggested place in detail. But with an old friend, you say "hey let's go to that Doughnut place" -- and your friend knows which place you're talking about (because you've been there together).

There's plenty more AutoJump can do, for more details head over to their Github page.