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Syed Reza
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A simplistic web-based database query tool with a backend in NodeJS. The trial version of DBVisualizer prevents you from creating new tabs, and so this project is the result of much frustration.

The SQL Editor

Key Features

  • Currently only supports Postgres
  • Cntrl+Enter to Execute the query
  • Auto-capitalizes SQL Keywords - useful for copy-pasting out of the editor
  • Web-based - works on any device with a browser
  • Fluid, mobile-first, built on Bootstrap - works well on mobile
  • Saves state to LocalStore, open tabs are preserved on the same browser


  • Install NodeJS
  • Download this repository
  • Create a databases.json (see example-databases.json)
  • Run: npm install
  • Edit config.json
  • Choose an admin username/password (defaults to admin/d3faultpassw0rd)
  • Choose a port
  • Choose a bind address (defaults to
  • Choose an x509 cert and private key (or use self-signed as instructed below)
  • Run ./gencert to create a self-signed certificate if you did not choose a cert and key
  • Run: node ndbvis.js

You may run ndbvis.js with an option to overwrite the config.json path. Example:

node ndbvis.js --config /path/to/custom/config.json


  • Rewrite backend in Go-lang - users shouldn't have to install NodeJS
  • Support a few other DBs like MySQL and SQLite
  • User Sign-In, Password Recovery, and Activity Tracking
  • Display time in various zones when viewing Timestamp

Link to Github

More Screenshots

Record Display Window Sign-In Page